The Only Thing We Have

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Those American Planes: The Netherlands is starting to consider the possibility that we might have to open an Afghanistan sized can of whoop@ss on them over the
International Criminal Court

“U.S. officials today sought to allay concerns among Dutch politicians after the Senate approved a measure authorizing use of force if a U.S. citizen is held by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“…It will probably not get to the point where the U.S. will actually invade the Netherlands, but it is serious in the way that it is a warning the U.S. under no circumstances wants a trial of U.S. citizens” at the court, said Tom van der Lee, a spokesman for the Green Left party.”

Tom van der Lee seems to understand our position very well. “(U)nder no circumstances” are we going to allow US citizens to be tried in any politically motivated ICC sham trial. If someone accuses an American of committing a “war crime” then they’ll be judged by the citizens and laws of the United States, not by any UN run court. Many Americans, myself included, think that our sovereignty is something worth fighting for if need be. I hope no one has to learn that lesson the hard way…

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