The Palestinian Chainsaw Massacre

Are you ready for a dose of the Palestinian culture of death at its absolute worst? Then just take a look at this:

“In spite of PA pledges not to incite, an interview broadcast last week featured the mother of Wafa Al-Bas, the 21-year-old Arab woman from Gaza who was arrested at the Erez Crossing in June 2005 wearing a 20-pound (9 kg) bomb under her clothes.

The PA TV interview with Al-Bas’ parents, which aired on February 20th, features her mother saying the event was hard for her – not because her daughter was on a suicide mission, but because she was arrested on her way to carry it out.

Al-Bas intended to bomb Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Hospital outpatient clinic, where she had been receiving regular treatments for serious burns on 45 percent of her body resulting from a gas stove explosion in her home.

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The failed bomber later told Israeli television that her greatest wish was to kill 30 to 50 Israelis, including children. The hospital attack would likely have killed or maimed the very Israeli doctor who had saved her life.”

This is warped, demented and depraved at every level.

You have a mother wishing her own daughter would have died murdering innocent people. You have a daughter who intended to murder innocent people, including a doctor who saved her life. You have the Palestinian government holding these people up as an example that other Palestinians should follow.

For the Israelis to live next to millions of people with this mentality must be like normal people having to live next door to the family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre — except that when Leatherface is taking a chainsaw to your dog in the backyard, people wouldn’t try to tell you that it’s your fault and that you should be nicer to him.

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