The Perfect Gift For Your Man Hating Friend

Hey look, it’s Maureen Dowd’s knife rack!

Just kidding — sort of. I mean, would you really be surprised if she had one of these?

Actually, believe it or not, this is a real product called the “All Men Are B*stards Knife Block.

Can you imagine all the complaints if they sold a knife block like this with a woman being used as a pincushion? The nagging would never stop.

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But, as long as it’s a guy being stabbed, “Oh, it’s hilarious!” Of course, I do have to admit it is pretty creative and cool looking.

On the other hand, if you went out on a first date with a woman and noticed that she had one of these things in her kitchen, wouldn’t that be basically enough to make you think twice about going on a second date?

Isn’t it like a red neon sign flashing, “She has issues with men! She has issues with men! She has issues with men! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”

Of course, maybe that’s just the psych major in me over thinking things…

Hat tip to the Drunk Report for pointing this one knife block out.

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