The Political Ramifications Of Bush’s Supreme Court Cronyism

You know, I strongly supported George Bush during the 2004 election, I’m a big supporter of the war in Iraq, and although I don’t mind hammering Republicans when they deserve it, as a general rule I strongly prefer to spend my time ripping into liberals.

I bring all that up because it gives you an idea of what RWN is like and should help you get an idea of what sort of audience the blog has. Most of RWN’s readers could fairly be called mainstream conservatives.

That being said, I want you to peruse just a few of the comments on this blog that have been inspired by the Harriet Miers nomination. As you read what these people have to say, keep in mind that these same people would have likely been thrilled, excited, and energized by the selection of a credible nominee.

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“George Bush promised during the election that he would appoint judges in the mold of Scalia and Thomas and this is what we get?!? He has spent money like a drunken sailor and we conservatives have stayed with him for one reason…the remaining Supreme Court appointment. Well, he blew it and now he’s lost us! Sorry George but you are no more than your father and I suspected as much all along!” — Restive_Group

“As a Conservative Republican I can’t tell you how betrayed I feel by Bush’s nomination of Miers. I am beginning to believe the Liberals when they say that Bush is a light weight and can’t handle this job. What a missed opportunity!!! Is he just afraid of the Democrats to give them such a gift?? What is he thinking??

I am hoping that a lot of good conservative Republicans in the Senate vote against Miers and she is not confirmed so we would have another chance.

A very disappointed reader and ex-Bush supporter!” — Tom (From an email I received)

“Expanded federal spending, open borders, and appointing question marks to the Supreme Court. We deserve better.

My checkbook just snapped closed to the Republican Party.

A note to libs: Just because conservatives may lose faith in Bush over this, doesn’t mean we are going to come to the dark side and become unwashed, patchouli stinking socialists. You will never get power. Period.” — a_velasquez

“I’m new here. Maybe I’m off the track, but I think Conservatives can’t wait until 2006 or 2008 to show our displeasure with the big-spending, quasi-liberal Washington DC, Republican Party. We need to act now. I’m pestered about twice a week by various Republican fundraisers. From now on I’m going to tell them what I think of what the Republican Party has been doing (taking Conservatives for granted primarily) and tell them “NO MORE MONEY” until the party reflects the policy that got them elected. I wish conservatives would sit on their wallets long enough to get the Republican’s attention. How about withholding all contributions for two months, with a demand to return to conservative values? Can we do it? Will we?” — JoeyGee

“This is a betrayal, plain and simple. Bush somehow allowed himself to be deluded that the Left could actually be reconciled towards being decent to him, and picked another Souter. His promise to appoint originalist judges was a lie.” — Maledicta

“You know, I was so appalled at what this pick said about Bush’s unwillingness to fight for a nominee that I hadn’t even considered how pathetically unqualified she is for this job.

I’m sorry, but Bush is finished as President. He needs to resign. Not kidding, I’m afraid.” — drhackenbush

I’ve seen comments like these all over the blogosphere from the very people who should be Bush’s biggest supporters.

Now, after reading that, you want to try to tell me that it made any sense whatsoever for George Bush to select Harriet Miers when he could have chosen much more qualified candidates that could have been easily confirmed while simultaneously making these very same people happy?

Even if you think Harriet Miers will be another Scalia — and truthfully, we don’t really know if she’ll even be another Sandra Day O’Connor — you have to admit that this may be the most boneheaded political move by a Republican President since George H. W. “read my lips, no new taxes” Bush decided to raise taxes.

That’s why George Bush should withdraw the nomination of Harriet Miers and select a different candidate. Sure, it would be embarrassing to pull the nomination, but it would be even worse to infuriate and demoralize the base by putting a 4th tier crony on the Supreme Court who probably won’t be able to truly prove her conservative bona fides for years.

Do the right thing, W.: pull the nomination.

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