The Poster Child For Left-Wing

The Poster Child For Left-Wing Atheists: Michael Newdow is the man who managed to convince the left-wing extremists on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to declare that the Pledge of Allegiance is illegal. However, there are a few things that you may not know about Newdow because the press hasn’t given them the coverage they deserve…

– Newdow’s eight year old child IS NOT an atheist. According to this article, Newdow’s kid attends Calvary Chapel church and she also “decided she could say it (the Pledge) under her breath and no one would know the difference.” If this is true, the whole basis of Newdow’s complaint is a sham to begin with since this whole case was supposedly about his daughter being “injured” because the Pledge was performed in her school.

– Newdow also has some other changes he’d like to make including…

* ‘The Mike Newdow dictionary would replace “he” and “she” with “re,” “his” and “hers” with “rees” and “him” and “her” with “erm.”‘
* Prayers at presidential inaugurations
* The Phrase “In God We Trust” on money
* Getting rid of the phrase ‘the best interests of the child’

– Is Newdow someone who really believes in this issue or just a publicity hound looking for his 15 minutes of fame by thumbing his nose at society? Well I think this answers that question,

“Okay,” Newdow smiles as he closes the door, “now I’m worried.” And he sits back down with his guitar, singing a song he penned himself — the Pledge Of Allegiance Got Some Old Religion Blues — while threats of death and hellfire play on in the background.”

If you ever catch me singing the “School Vouchers Are Right For America” song for a Time Magazine reporter then assume I’m a pod person who needs to be captured and forced to reveal the location of the real John Hawkins.

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