The Precursor To The Greatest Post Ever In The History Of The Democratic Underground

As you regular readers of RWN will recall, last week, I introduced you to the The Greatest Post Ever In The History Of The Democratic Underground, in which someone called spooked911 conclusively proved that George Bush knocked down the Twin Towers using only a rabbit cage, a cinder block, and some burning kerosene.

Well, thanks to fine folks over at Instapinch, I’ve now learned that the magnificent effort you saw at the DU was the 2nd effort of spooked911. That’s right, folks, there is another ground breaking experiment out there.

Granted, what you’re about to see doesn’t quite do it justice, but this should give you an idea of what the post is like:

“If my flimsy bent-coat-hanger wires could support their load after a big fire, how is a strongly-built steel framed building supposed to collapse from fire?”

Unfortunately, this sort of brilliant analysis was too difficult for some people to grasp, so it produced comments like this one:

“Holy Sh*t!
That structure looks just like the World Trade Center!!!
The coat hangers, the pot of water…PERFECT!!!!”

Geniuses are so often underappreciated in their own time.

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