The Project the Democrats hope goes away… soon.

I appreciate John giving me some space in his blog today. Some of you may know me from TechRepublican, a blog geared to helping bridge the partisan digital divide. I’m also a small business owner and am heading up a political action committee through

One of my clients is called the Majority Accountability Project. And it’s causing quite a bit grief for House Democrats who are hoping to be able to say one thing on the campaign trail, while doing another in Washington.

In fact, a recent diary at DailyKos had this to say about

Many of you may have heard of Majority AP ( It is a website that claims to be independent, but is really a far right wing site that does nothing but attack the Democratic majority… The group loves to attack our freshman Democrats daily and constantly refers to it as the “Democrat majority”.

They love to pick on my own representitive Kirsten Gillibrand up in NY-20. They attack her for taking money out of state. My question to them is how the hell they expect her to even be competitive in her reelection against a millionaire Republican who doesn’t even live in the district if she doesnt raise some of her money out of state? I am sick and tired of these special interest groups like the NRCC and Majority AP coming into our local districts and trying to influence elections. The House of Representitives was supposed to be locally representitive of the people, not of special interest groups like Majority AP and the NRCC… [sic]

I can feel the anger from here.

While the Kos diarist theorizes that the MajorityAP is somehow aligned and/or funded by one of the national committees, it’s not. In fact, the Majority Accountability Project is an independent news service focusing, like a laser, on House Democrats. The survival of this project relies entirely on subscriptions and donations from individuals like you.

But, I know why the Democrats want the project to go away: It’s making an impact in Congressional Districts throughout the nation and providing fodder for conservative bloggers and activists to ask their local reporters, “why aren’t you covering this issue?”

Upon its launch in April, the founders and operators of the project, Mike Brady and Mike Giuliani, made quite a splash in the conservative blogosphere (including being listed as the “Website of the Day” by the Conservative Grapevine). And a read of Erick Erickson’s post at Redstate on one case-study, offers substantive evidence that is making a difference.

But the success Brady and Giuliani are having in the examples noted above is happening daily in Congressional Districts throughout the nation. Just take a look at their account to see all of the links.

While the Democrats hope the Majority Accountability Project goes away, it’s clear to me that we need it to continue, thrive, and grow to continue to keep the Majority accountable.

If you agree, I’m hopeful that you’ll make a contribution today, no matter the size, and make sure you bookmark the site as a daily read.

Leveling the playing field is not going to be easy. But it will happen if we work together.

[Again, I want to disclose that the MajorityAP is a client of DAG; however, 100% of your contributions would go directly to the Majority Accountability Project.]

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