The Pro-Saddam Rallies

The Pro-Saddam Rallies

The Pro-Saddam Rallies: This week-end there were a couple of…well let’s be honest, some people call them anti-war rallies, but they were in effect pro-Saddam rallies. These people can say what they want, but they’re doing everything they can to help Saddam hold onto power. Just so you can get an idea of what actually went on there, here are a few quotes, pics, and happenings from the rallies so you can get a feel for what went on…

<---- From the San Francisco rally

“Another thing about 9/11 – the United States is like a stuck-up little b*tch. They just do and take all of what they please. I mean, 9/11 was terrible, but it was the first terrorist attack on this country. It’s like, ‘oh, no!’ Somebody broke the United States’ nail, now the whole earth is going to blow up.” — Reesa Rosenberg at the DC rally

“USA Is #1 Terrorist” & “The NYPD Are Terrorists Too” — Placards from the DC rally

“A table display exhorting passersby to defend North Korea’s right to nuclear weapons or an activist who cheered in vain for a policeman to fall off a fire-escape ladder 30-feet above a Pennsylvania Avenue restaurant were typical of the happenings at this weekend’s rally cast aside by too many reporters covering the demonstration.” — From someone at the DC rally

From the San Francisco rally —->

“Anti-Semitism was rampant at the protest. I heard the phrase “f*cking Jews” uttered by at least ten different individuals. I also heard a number of people discussing how the Israelis had infiltrated our government to commit genocide against the Palestinians.” — From the San Francisco rally

“Following the march in San Francisco, one thousand people joined a radical anti-capitalist breakaway march and militantly marched through the financial center smashing windows and graffitting the SF Chronicle, British Consulate, CitiCorp, the INS building, Starbucks, and Victoria’s Secret.” — At the San Francisco rally

<---- From the Portland rally

“We won’t get any justice as long as that criminal Congress is up there. We’re calling for revolution. It’s revolution time, brothers and sisters. We have to get rid of greedy murderers and imperialists like George Bush in the White House.” — Imam Mussa at the DC rally

And don’t think that the man himself didn’t appreciate all the “useful idiots” out there who were protesting the attempt to remove him from power…

“President Saddam Hussein hailed worldwide anti-war demonstrations on Saturday and said the protests showed that Iraq had international support for standing up to the United States.” — From Iraq

I think a comment from tourist Dick Sweeney to one of the protestors just about sums it all up…

“During the throng’s march from Bellagio to the Tropicana and back, a few cars honked in support and a few passers-by hurled taunts.

Tourist Dick Sweeney was angered by an antiwar protester who told him to “remember peace.”

“I remember September 11th!” Sweeney yelled back at the young man.”

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