The Provisional Ballots Have Been Counted. Game Over In Ohio — Again!

“…Here’s a message for everybody who is wondering, worried, hoping, you name it, that Ohio is going to turn blue: Not. Going. To. Happen.

The margin is just too big. Let me break down the numbers… let’s say that Kerry takes 60% of the provisional ballots and Bush only takes 40%. Does that mean Bush is in trouble? Not at all. That would add 21,479 votes for Kerry which would put Kerry behind by 111,111 votes with 92,672 “spoiled ballots” left to be counted. So by the time the provisional ballots are fully counted, Kerry will be out of it.” Right Wing News, 11/17/04

Well, the provisional ballots have been counted in Ohio and as expected, it’s as good as over.

After counting all the provisionals and absentee ballots, the margin for Bush is 118,775 votes.

So even before we start the silly little recount demanded by the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, the margin going in — 118,775 — is larger than the number of spoiled ballots — 92,672.

Game over….AGAIN!

Hat tip to RWN reader Ditch for supplying a link to the final ballot count.

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