The Real Reason We’re Invading Iraq

The Real Reason We’re Invading Iraq: The people of Iraq may be happy now, but would they still be cheering if they knew that US marines were plundering Iraq of its precious puppies? Read on

“…The “barbarians,” as Marines with the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance unit are called, were about to become proud parents. “We scooped the babies right up,” said Hidalgo, nodding at the white puppy chowing down on a military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) of pasta and vegetables beneath the gun turret of the armored vehicle. “She only eats Italian food.”

The Marines got out, and so did Mary Jane, an all-white fluff ball, and her twin brother, Nas, named after the southern Iraqi city where the unit has been fighting. He is black with white paws.

Consider them two very lucky pups of war.

“Makes you feel good they are not living like other dogs in Iraq,” said Hidalgo. Mary Jane rides with him and his crew. Nas rides with tough-talking Gunnery Sgt. Russell Strack, whose post-puppy personality change has stunned some of the Marines.

In the last week, Strack and Nas have bonded.

Nas travels on Strack’s vehicle and curls up at night in Strack’s sleeping bag. He bites Strack’s ear and yips when he needs to get out.

…”I’ve got a big back yard near Camp Lejeune” in North Carolina, said Strack. “I’ve told all the guys Nas can run around there and live with me until he’s ready to go home with one of my Marines.”

But first the Marines have to try to figure out how to get Nas and Mary Jane home.

And that could involve quarantine and fighting a war with bureaucracy that could be tougher than the one on the ground in Iraq.

“We’ve brought back all sorts of things before,” said one Marine. “If I have to, I’ll smuggle Nas and Mary Jane back. We ain’t gonna leave them here to die in Iraq.”

Iraq…it’s all about the puppies!!!

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