The Republican Senate: Selling Out America On Illegal Immigration

Next week, I’d suggest you make sure to pack an umbrella because you’re going to be hearing from a lot of Republican senators who are going to be peeing all over your leg and trying to tell you that it’s raining.

That’s because the Senate GOP is about to betray America by voting for Ted Kennedy’s amnesty bill.

They’re going to tell you that it’s not an amnesty bill. They’re going to be lying.

They’re going to tell you that it doesn’t reward people for breaking our laws. They’re going to be lying.

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They’re going to tell you that we’re better off signing a bad bill now, than getting nothing. They’ll be wrong.

They’re going to tell you that the American people want this bill. They’ll be wrong.

They’re going to tell you about the great new security measures that will be brought about because of this bill. What they won’t tell you is that behind the scenes, there will be senators working to thwart every one of those security provisions and because of that, they won’t work. Look at the border fence that was signed into law during the 2006 elections. It’s the law, money is appropriated for it, and so far they’ve built two miles of fencing.

Any senator who votes for this bill, in my view, does not deserve your support and I would strongly encourage you not to volunteer for him or contribute money to his campaign. Moreover, although I don’t believe in protest votes, if I were going to refuse to pull the lever for a Republican over a single vote, it would be over this monstrosity.

PS: If Mitch McConnell were a real leader in the Senate, he’d be organizing a filibuster of this bill, not going along with it. If this is the best he can do, he should resign and let a real leader take over.

Update #1: From Hugh Hewitt’s page,

Call 202-225-3121 and ask for the offices of Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott or Jon Kyl, the three leaders of the GOP in the upper chamber. Surrendering half the fence is the first step in surrendering half the seats they are trying to defend in ’08, and Gordon Smith, Norm Coleman, John Sununu and others ought to be demanding the caucus stop this national security and political insanity. The Senate GOP can and should filibuster any bill that dismantles half the fence before it was built, and any bill that is vague on the details of amnesty-lite.”

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