The Results Of RWN’s 2006 Demographics Survey

The results of RWN’s 2006 demographics survey (via Blogads) are now live. Here are a few details that caught my eye:

— 88.4% of RWN’s readers are male.

— Roughly 65% of RWN’s readers make $60,000 a year or more.

— 93% of RWN’s readers have “some college” or better.

— 60% of you have contributed to a cause/campaign in the last 6 months.

— Roughly 62% have “written or called any politician at the state, local, or national level”

— Roughly 66% have signed a petition.

— 16% of RWN’s readers have worked for a political party.

— 16% of you have their own blog.

— Wondering why I don’t do podcasts? Well, wonder no more. 84% of RWN’s readers have never listened to a podcast (and that’s despite the fact that I’ve linked a few).

— The political breakdown of RWN’s readers? 75% Republican, 11% Independent, 9% Libertarian, about 2% Democrat, and believe it or not, 2% apolitical.

If you’re interested, you can read it all here.

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