The Return Of Conservative Grapevine

In the latter part of 2005, I ran Right Wing News and a blog called Conservative Grapevine. Conservative Grapevine was a link blog dedicated to highlighting the best posts from around the right side of the blogosphere as well as covering articles about blogging. Unfortunately, the work load got to be too much for me on top of RWN and so after only 4 months, I decided to kill off CG.

Well, after a 14 month long hiatus, Conservative Grapevine is back, but this time, it’s not going to be a solo project.

Want to help out?

Well, first off, you can (and should) check out Conservative Grapevine by clicking here. Once you get there, bookmark the blog or, you can always just click on the CG at the top right, between “advertising” and “contact” each day after you finish up at Right Wing News.

But, if you enjoy reading a lot of blogs each day and want to do more, feel free to register over at Conservative Grapevine and then send me an email requesting that you be made an “author” at the blog. If you become an “author,” you can submit links that will (pending my approval) run on Conservative Grapevine. I intend to have 20-30 different authors that will all be capable of submitting links and if things go as expected, I figure the authors should be able to contribute 50%+ of the links that end up making it onto the blog.

So, make sure to check out Conservative Grapevine here, bookmark the blog, and if you like reading a lot of blogs and are so inclined, register and send me an email requesting that you be made into an author.

Hope you enjoy Right Wing News AND Conservative Grapevine.

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