The Return Of Segregation At The University Of Colorado At Boulder?

A few decades ago in the US, bigots wanted to separate Americans by race because they didn’t think white people should have to be around blacks. But today, we have politically correct nebbeches at the University of Colorado at Boulder trying to split Americans by race because they’re afraid of what will happen if black kids have to be around whites…

“Students at the University of Colorado at Boulder can take the popular “School and Society” course on Fridays — as long as they’re not white.

That particular section is reserved for “students of color,” according to a course description. It is also open to those of any race who are first-generation college students. Other students can take the course, which is a requirement for education majors, but during a different period.

University officials say the restricted class offers minority students “a much safer and open environment” in which to discuss issues of race, gender and class. But some students say the course represents a disturbing throwback to the days of “separate but equal” education.

… The university began offering the race-restricted course last year as an experiment in response to the concerns of minority students, said Lorrie Shepard, dean of the School of Education.

“Often, a student of color would find they were the only nonwhite person in a given section, and … very often, their class would turn to them whenever an issue of race was discussed,” Miss Shepard told the Boulder Daily Camera. “They’d be asked if they agreed with a certain perspective or to defend a position. They’d be put on the spot in ways that made it feel like a hostile environment.”

I could spend a couple of paragraphs riffing on all the things that are wrong with this sort of thinking, but Antonia Gaona, a Hispanic student who’s suing over this class, has got it down pat…

“I’m frustrated with programs like this because they force students to identify themselves on the basis of race,” Miss Gaona said. “This is something students my age are trying to get beyond, being identified on the basis of their skin color.

“It’s like the university feels it needs to coddle minority students and have us work with students who only look like us, and that’s not how the real world works,” she added.”

Hey Antonia, fight those creeps at the University of Colorado at Boulder who are treating you like a skin color instead of a person…and beat ’em. You’re doing the right thing and I salute you…

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