The Right Side Of The Blogosphere’s Reaction To Sarah Palin’s Speech

I’ve been blogging since 2001 and the reaction to last night’s speech was the most positive I have ever seen from righty bloggers in that entire time. It was a huge speech with a lot on the line and conservative bloggers seemed to believe that Palin delivered everything people could have hoped for — and much, much more. Here’s a very representative sample of the opinions I found as I perused the rightroots…


“Sarah Palin KICKED *SS! Brilliant! I love her MORE now, if that were possible. Almost enough to do the Chris Crocker video.

…CNN cannot stop saying how good the speech was. Wolf Blitzer just asked whether Obama made a huge mistake in picking Biden. The liberals on Twitter are freaking out. This is such a proud moment. I feel so, so….Its just great. Thank you, Sarah, for proving that I was RIGHT.” — American Princess

“Loving Sarah

Forgive the Chris Matthews-esque title of the post, but damn Sarah Palin was good tonight. Yes, I know it’s just a speech, and she has yet to swim in the shark-infested waters of the MSM, who in case you didn’t know it by now, already hate her guts, but if first impressions are the best ones, then Sarah Palin has done what I thought impossible – energize the GOP.

To say she was magnificent tonight would be an understatement. In a way, she is very much like Barack Obama in that she connects with people on a personal level, but unlike him, she has actually accomplished something in her political career. You also get the feeling that she really could care less what the media pundits think about her, because she is confident in herself and her positions on issues.” — Ankle Biting Pundits

“SHE DID IT! SHE DELIVERED. IT WAS A BRILLIANT SPEECH! Family comes out ………….what a beautiful family, she’s holding the baby (what a nashuma)



This is unbelievable. INCREDIBLE. CROWD IS ON ITS FEET. It’s a great moment.” — Atlas Shrugs

“Sarah Palin is knocking them dead! It helps, of course, to be speaking in front of an adoring audience. But there is a reason that Republicans have fallen in love with Sarah Palin. Her speech was a marvelous blend of using her personal biography to make both her case and the case of John McCain. She blends in policy with jabs against Barack Obama. …I think she’s doing so well that the media and the Democrats will have to redouble their efforts to demean and bring her down. But she’s her own best advocate. Those who know her in Alaska have described her as a natural. They were right.

If a gifted speech launched Obama’s path to the nomination to be president, I think she more than delivered a speech to launch her on the way to the vice presidency. We’ll have to see how she does in interviews and the debate with Joe Biden, but she went a long way towards answering her critics tonight.” — Betsy’s Page

“Wow. I don’t know what else to say. She did it. Is anyone left with any doubts after this delivery? I would guess not.” — Tammy Bruce

“Wow, Wow, a Thousand Times Wow

What did we see tonight?

Tonight, we either saw a watershed in American politics, a tour de force, the most striking and graceful debut in our nation’s political life, and a national introduction that makes Barack Obama’s 2004 convention address look like small potatoes… or we saw what we wanted to see, and the country’s persuadable independents saw something else. I’m afraid to believe. If I’m wrong, I don’t really know what Americans want. I know conservatives are thrilled to pieces, and they ought to be. She knocked it out of the park. I don’t think she could have delivered that speech any better.” — The Campaign Spot

“A brilliant speech, brilliantly delivered. So many good lines. Sarah Palin shows us all that she is a superb communicator, which of course is so essential to a successful politician. Obviously, I think of Reagan. Personally, I loved the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: lipstick. With a smile and a great quip, she signaled to her opponents that she is tough. Don’t tread on me. I’m here now. I’m serious. I’m purposeful. I have strong convictions and you’re not going to intimidate me. Nor will you push this lady around. A Western frontier version of Thatcher? Gosh, does the Republican Party need her.” — Larry Kudlow at The Corner

“Perhaps the media and Democrats would have been better advised to set expectations high for Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech tonight at the Republican convention. After ridiculing her as a small-town yokel for the better part of three days, Palin would have looked good if she managed to avoid drooling during her speech. In the event, though, they could have set expectations as high as a Barack Obama acceptance speech, and Palin would still have exceeded them in a tremendous debut on the national stage.” — Hot Air

“Sarah Palin is terrific.

The contest has changed. Her character and candor have changed it, and John McCain’s judgment is vindicated.” — Hugh Hewitt

“I’m still processing what happened. I wonder if that’s because I was too young to remember what it was like when Reagan first came on the scene.” — IMAO

“A little slow at the beginning, but a very strong speech, well-delivered. It’s as if she’s done this speechmaking thing before. The crowd is certainly behind her, and the fiance is on the stage with the whole family — and with John McCain. It’s like they’re taunting the press and the Democrats to go on with the baby-talk. As I’ve said, I don’t think they believe this hurts them.” — Instapundit

“I just watched the Palin RNC convention speech, and I am enchanted. She’s serious without being scary. Sarcastic without being nasty. Not to mention, her accent charmed my pants right off.

I blurted out loud at one point to Rupert, “Oh my god! I’m naming all of my children after her!” Which is quite a thing to say for someone who never plans on making any children. That’s how much I like this woman.” — Rachel Lucas

“Just a terrific speech from Sarah Palin. She didn’t miss a word. That must have struck terror into the hearts of Obama’s handlers.” — Little Green Footballs

“If any of you in the parking lot caught that home run ball please put it up on ebay so the rest of us can bid on it. Sigh of relief indeed.” — Polipundit

“How did she do? She did fine; better than fine. Aspects of the delivery could have been better and the conclusion could have been stronger. But whatever test you think she was taking, she passed it. The partisans I talked to tonight thought her performance was fabulous. Neutral viewers who tuned in to see whether she seems ready for the Vice-Presidency had to be impressed. Palin showed that she will be effective on the campaign trail and will be a thorn in Barack Obama’s side from now until November.

ONE MORE THING: Since getting home, I’ve watched a replay of part of Palin’s speech on television. She looks very good, and on TV, the crowd reaction comes through better than I’d expected. Sitting where we are at PJTV, the noise is a little muted. On television, the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction comes through louder, and adds to the speech’s impact.” — Power Line

“Wow. Great Speech. Not the slick oratory of Sen. Obama mind you, who, no matter your politics, is simply a phenomenal speaker. But Gov. Palin absolutely nailed a speech she had to.” — The QandO Blog

“Home run. We didn’t get a Reagan this year. We got a Thatcher. Republican Gov. Sarah Palin did conservatism proud. In her acceptance speech tonight, she represented not just women, not just Republicans, but small-town America. She connected with an audience in the hall and at home. She told the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull. Lipstick. Then she proved it. .. She is the liberal establishment’s worst nightmare: A lady who thinks for herself. She touched them all tonight. She has turned the race upside down.” — Don Surber

“Sarah Palin is about half way through her speech and so far she is killing. This woman has all her teeth, she can speak in complete sentences, and she has yet to cry. Those on the left must be so disappointed. So far my favorite part of the speech though was not anything Sarah Palin said. My favorite part was watching her youngest daughter Piper lick her hand and smooth her baby brother Trig’s hair….The speech is substantive, and articulate, but it is also accessible and down to earth. This is not the lightweight the Democrats described to us. This is not the trailer trash they spoke of this week. Hell, she’s even wearing shoes! Palin is hitting all the points that a Republican needs to win. In short, she is laying out a conservative message and that is the only way Republicans win the top job.” — Lorie Byrd at Wizbang

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