The RightBlogs’ Slate: Lou Barletta Deserves Your Support

I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to give money to Lou Barletta.

Barletta is a conservative who’s beating Democratic congressman Paul Kanjorski in a Democratic district primarily on the issue of illegal immigration.

Barletta is no Johnny-come-lately on that issue either. Here’s an excerpt from a WAPO article on Barletta’s efforts from back in August of 2006,

An immigrant’s grandson, Louis J. Barletta, the mayor of this once-sleepy hill city, leans forward behind the desk in his corner office and with an easy smile confides his goal.

Barletta wants to make Hazleton “the toughest place on illegal immigrants in America.”

Hispanic demonstrators outside the Hazleton, Pa., city hall protest a law that makes it illegal to rent to or hire an illegal immigrant.

“What I’m doing here is protecting the legal taxpayer of any race,” said the dapper 50-year-old mayor, sweeping his hands toward the working-class city outside. “And I will get rid of the illegal people. It’s this simple: They must leave .”

Last month, in a raucous meeting, the mayor and City Council passed the Illegal Immigration Relief Act. (Barletta wore a bulletproof vest because, he says, Hazleton is menaced by a surge in crime committed by illegal immigrants.) The act imposes a $1,000-per-day fine on any landlord who rents to an illegal immigrant, and it revokes for five years the business license of any employer who hires one.

The act also declares English to be the city’s official language. Employees are forbidden to translate documents into another language without official authorization.

If this is the kind of guy you want speaking for you in Congress when they vote on illegal immigration issues, I’d suggest you chip in a few bucks to help him get elected. Lou Barletta deserves your support!

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