The Rightosphere Temperature Check For June: McCain, Obama, And Election 2008

Right Wing News emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 9 questions. The following 64 blogs responded:

Aaron’s CC, The Absurd Report, All American Blogger, The Anchoress, AtlanticBlog, Bad Example, Baldilocks, BizzyBlog, Dispatches from Blogblivion, Blonde Sagacity, Bluey Blog, Keith Burgess-Jackson, Bookworm Room, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Conservative Grapevine, DANEgerus Weblog, Dizzy Girl, Argghhhh!, Eckernet, Ed Driscoll, Election Projection, Cara Ellison, Elocutio, Musings, Extreme Mortman, Exurban League, Fetching Jen, Fraters Libertas, Freeman Hunt, Jeff Gannon – A Voice of the New Media, Ghost of a Flea, GOPUSA Northeast, Gocinatlanta, The Hedgehog Report, Hickpolitics, IMAO, (Brian) Liberty Pundit, Mainstream Libertarian, Midnight Blue, Moonbattery, Moxie, Newsbeat1, Noisy Room, No Oil For Pacifists, The Nose On Your Face, Pirate’s Cove, Pal2pal, QandO, Matt Sanchez, Don Singleton, Sister Toldjah, Six Meat Buffet, Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff, Small Dead Animals, The Smallest Minority, Stolen Thunder, Solomonia, Knowledge Is Power, The Sundries Shack,, Trying To Grok, Viking Pundit, Vodka Pundit, WILLisms

The bloggers were asked to select answers to the following questions (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 64 responses to each question.)

1) If you had to guess today, who do you think will win the election in November?

A) McCain: 34 (56%)
B) Obama: 27 (44%)

2) Who do you think the Democrats’ strongest candidate would be in November?

A) Obama: 17 (27%)
B) Hillary Clinton: 46 (73%)

3) In the Senate, do you think the GOP is more likely to…

A) Gain seats: 5 (8%)
B) Lose seats: 58 (92%)

4) In the House, do you think the GOP is more likely to…

A) Gain seats: 8 (13%)
B) Lose seats: 55 (87%)

5) Do you believe Barack Obama is…

A) Moderate: 0 (0%)
B) Liberal: 62 (100%)

6) Do you believe Barack Obama is patriotic?

A) Yes: 12 (19%)
B) No: 51 (81%)

7) Do you believe Barack Obama is an anti-white racist?

A) Yes: 34 (54%)
B) No: 29 (46%)

8) Do you believe Barack Obama is a Muslim?

A) Yes: 11 (18%)
B) No: 51 (82%)

9) Do you think Barack Obama is competent and experienced enough to be President?

A) Yes: 5 (8%)
B) No: 58 (92%)

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