The Rightroots 15 days Challenge — 8 1/2 Hours To Go

We have some enormous news:

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Announces Rightroots Challenge

See below. The Chairman just sent this e-mail setting out the biggest Rightroots challenge yet. If Rightroots meets its September goal to support each of its 21 candidates by midnight tonight, Chairman Mehlman will send an e-mail to the RNC’s entire list of millions of activists asking them to support the Rightroots candidates.

Rightroots is a great example of how blogger-based activism will help us keep the majority in the House and Senate. The RNC is proud to support this effort.

Folks, this is enormous. Those millions of email addresses? I don’t know how much money that will actually translate into for our candidates, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in the $50,000 to $100,000 range.

If we hit this challenge tonight, the RNC email we’ll bring in as a result will absolutely guarantee that the whole Rightroots project will be a huge success. So, go over to the Rightroots page, chip in a small amount to every candidate below 100 donations, and help us secure that RNC email.

Mike Whalen (IA-01): 89
Chris Wakim (WV-01): 90
Rick O’Donnell (CO-07): 91
Scott Tipton (CO-3): 91
Jeff Lamberti (IA-03): 93
Max Burns (GA-12): 96
David McSweeney (IL-08): 96
John Gard (WI-08): 97
Chuck Blasdel (OH-6): 98
Ray Meier (NY-24): 98
Mike McGavick (Washington): 100
Peter Roskam (IL-06): 102
Ralph Norman (SC-05): 106
Andrea Lane Zinga (IL-17): 107
Michele Bachmann (MN-06): 111
Thomas Kean (New Jersey): 124
Van Taylor (TX-17): 125
Mike Bouchard: (Michigan): 134
Michael Steele (Maryland): 170
Diana Irey (PA-12): 175
Mark Kennedy (Minnesota): 192

PS #1: This is an extremely smart move for the RNC. They’re reaching out to the blogosphere, supporting a successful grassroots project, and they’re helping insure that the first big blogosphere fund raising project is a big success, even as they raise more money for Republican candidates. So this is a very smart decision by the RNC — and I’d be saying that even if I hadn’t found the Rightroots project.

You can contribute to the Rightroots candidates here.

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