The Russian School Massacre

Everyone who participated in this, who helped make it happen, who cheers it on as some sort of noble act, deserves to die

“The three-day hostage siege at a school in southern Russia ended in chaos and bloodshed Friday, after witnesses said Chechen militants set off bombs and Russian commandos stormed the building. Hostages fled in terror, many of them children who were half-naked and covered in blood. Officials estimated the death toll at more than 200.

Early Saturday, 531 people remained hospitalized, including 283 children – 92 of the youngsters in “very grave” condition, health officials said.

Sixty-two hours after the hostage drama began during a celebration marking the first day of the school year, the Russian government said resistance had ended.

Valery Andreyev, Russia’s Federal Security Service chief in the region, said 10 Arabs were among 27 militants who were killed. The ITAR-Tass news agency, citing unidentified security sources, reported the hostage-taking was the work of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who had al-Qaida backing.

Alla Gadieyeva, 24, who was taken captive with her 7-year-old son and mother, said the militants displayed terrifying brutality from the start. One gunman, whose pockets were stuffed with grenades, held up the corpse of a man just shot in front of hundreds of hostages and warned: “If a child utters even a sound, we’ll kill another one.”

When children fainted from lack of sleep, food and water, their masked and camouflaged captors simply sneered, she said, adding that adults implored children to drink their own urine in the intolerable heat of the gym.

She and other hostages said there was a little water but no food the first day. The hostages got nothing to eat or drink after that.

Gadieyeva told of three days of unspeakable horror – of children so frightened they couldn’t sleep, of captors coolly threatening to kill off hostages one by one. The gym where they were held was so cramped there was hardly room to move.”

The civilized world has endured enough from these radical Islamist terrorists.

9/11, Bali, the Moscow Theater massacre, countless attacks on India, on Israel, on the people of Iraq, and now these poor kids in a school.

I don’t care why the terrorists hate us, I don’t care about their grievances, I don’t want to be sensitive to their needs, I don’t want to negotiate with them, I just want our people to show up where THEY LIVE and infiltrate them, hunt them, & KILL THEM before they kill us.

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