The Snuff Puppets Vs. America

How long will it be before our tax dollars here in the states end up being spent on “art” of this sort?

“The Melbourne-based Snuff Puppets company – which receives up to $50,000 in public funding – will put on a charity performance of The Twin Towers Show on Friday.

Snuff Puppet artistic director Andy Freer said the show included black humour and violence.

Performers use large puppets representing an Arab, an aircraft and the two World Trade Centre towers which come crashing down.

US President George W. Bush is represented by a shrub wearing a Texan hat. “It can be shocking, it’s very black humour,” Mr Freer said.

“Humour is obviously a good way to get a message across. It is controversial and of course people are going to be sensitive to it, but obviously that is the way we work.”

The word “humor” gets mentioned a lot there, but what sort of human beings think mocking the deaths of the innocents who died on 9/11 is funny?

Oh, and when are the “Snuff Puppets Company” coming to America so they can get in on that crazy National Endowment of the Arts money? Hey, if they’ll pay to stick a crucifix in urine, how much of a jump is this sort of thing, really?

PS: On a related note, in rich Western countries like Australia and the US, why should the government be in the business of paying for art? If the art isn’t good enough to get by without some government bureaucrat doling out money for it, then it probably doesn’t deserve to be seen by a wider audience anyway?

Hat tip to Tim Blair for the story.

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