The Sweet Smell Of Simply Bob By Marni Malarkey

The Sweet Smell Of Simply Bob By Marni Malarkey

The Sweet Smell Of Simply Bob By Marni Malarkey: Former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahaf, currently on “administrative leave” from his duties in Baghdad, has signed a contract with the fashion house Chanel to promote a new cologne for men. The fragrance will be called “Simply Bob,” after the minister’s widely used nickname “Baghdad Bob” and will be available in US stores June 1st, “just in time for Father’s Day,” said Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s chief designer.

Al-Sahaf made the announcement at a surprise press conference in Paris yesterday morning, saying that “now that the American infidels have been forced out of Baghdad — Allah be praised — I am free to focus on other things. Like my career in the fashion and beauty industry. Saddam — praise him — always said I smelled really good and I think if men around the world buy ‘Simply Bob,’ they will smell really good too and will have to beat the chicks off with a gold-plated AK47, just like I always have to do.” Al-Sahaf also said that the naysayers who have criticized his career change were “stupid and condemned. They are stupid…and they are condemned.”

Lagerfeld unveiled the first print ad for “Simply Bob,” in which a beret and khaki-wearing Al-Sahaf is seen sitting against a backdrop featuring the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and saying “Surrender to ‘Simply Bob’ or Allah will roast your stomach in hell at the hands of the Iraqis.”

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