The Telegraph Chats With Ann

The Telegraph Chats With Ann Coulter: The Telegraph did a nifty little interview with Ann Coulter for an article and it was a great read. It has some killer Coulter quotes as well as a DEAD SEXY pic in it….

“Normally, when I write columns I am specifically baiting liberals and I know exactly which line they are going to scream blue murder about.”

“At the moment, she is without a boyfriend; curiously, her last beau happened to be a Muslim. “The relationship was complicated by his interest in committing jihad,” she jokes. “I took away his box cutters. At first, I thought he was a terrorist. I just kept on running into this handsome Muslim on the street. He was a fan of mine.”

So was he stalking her? “He was, but he was a good-looking stalker. I’d been so looking for one of those.”

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“I have the most perfect life imaginable. I sleep till noon. I work in my underwear. I’ve got no bosses. No one can fire me. I write about whatever I want to write about. I’m happy all the time. Americans like me – real Americans.”

She’s single, Conservative, incredibly hot, and she works in her underwear all day. She’s ‘THE’ Conservative dream girl…

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