The Top 10 Most Politically Incorrect Things About The Movie, “300.”

10) None of the soldiers are portrayed as mentally unstable, religious zealots, cowards, traitors, or immoral.

9) The good guys take no prisoners.

8) All the good guys are Westerners and all the bad guys, except for a few who are bribed, are not.

7) The only gay characters in the movie, lesbians, are on the side of the bad guys.

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6) The line “Freedom is not free,” is part of the justification for the fighting.

5) The children are taught to be tough, whipped when they trangress, and put in dangerous situtions.

4) The movie is unambigiously pro-war.

3) The slick, anti-war Spartan politician is lecherous, deceitful, and corrupt, while the pro-war Spartan politician is decent, honorable, and genuinely concerned about his country.

2) All of the good guys were white, but none of the bad guys were.

1) The Spartans take weak or deformed babies and toss them off the side of a cliff.

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