The Top 20 Most Viewed Non-Cheesecake Stories On Conservative Grapevine For April

From Conservative Grapevine this month,

20) Robert Novak: Trouble ahead for Obama

19) IMAO: “We have an economic problem,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Pennsylvania, “and the way to handle it is–” “You’re not wearing any pants!” someone in the crowd yelled out.

18) Rachel Lucas: How about a nice big cup of shut the f*** up?

17) Midnight Blue: The 7 relationship movies every man should watch

16) Nerve: The 50 greatest comedy sketches of all-time

15) The Sniper: What females want, and why I will always be single

14) CreditCardPundit: 10 dumb ideas that made a lot of money

13) Fox News: FOXSexpert: Eight sex myths you should not believe

12) All-American Blogger: 5 reasons to doubt global warming is man-made

11) Cracked: 5 hot lady-bots you probably shouldn’t have sex with (A little raunchy)

10) Berkleebassist: Geekiest tattoo ever (w/pic)

9) Oddee: The 10 funniest typos ever

8) 2Spare: 15 most unfortunately funny wedding announcements

7) Cracked: History’s 7 most astounding sexual resumes

6) Yahoo! Movies: The 10 most historically inaccurate movies

5) Chris Muir: Muir hits it out of the park with this Obama cartoon

4) Cracked: The bizarre history of 10 common sayings

3) Cracked: 10 scenes of brutal violence guaranteed to make you laugh

2) FunZombie: The top ten shirts to get arrested in

1) Cracked: The 5 most ridiculous lies you were taught in history class

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