The Top 20 Non-Cheesecake Links On Conservative Grapevine For February

From Conservative Grapevine,

20) Mark Steyn: The gollygamist is out. How did it get to this?

19) Lorie Byrd: Why the Democrats are kicking the Clintons to the curb

18) Dark Roasted Blend: Oops! Weirdest accidents (Pics)

17) Cracked: 14 Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to not get you laid

16) Karl Rove: Obama’s new vulnerability

15) Ari Kaufman: America’s three worst presidents

14) Libertas: It’s all over: liberals officially take over “24”

13) Cracked: The 40 most inappropriate children’s book covers (This is pretty raunchy)

12) Stuff White People Like: Stuff white people like

11) Rachel Lucas: Why women date jerks instead of their nice-guy friends.

10) Little Green Footballs: Muslims enraged, seething at Wikipedia (Link corrected)

9) Cracked: If Valentine’s Day cards were honest (This is a little raunchy)…

8) Cracked: The 5 most bad*ss Presidents of all-time

7) Atlas Shrugs: Is the media biased? This magazine stand says “yes.” (W/pic)

6) Cracked: 5 retro commercials companies would like you

5) The Contaminated: The top 9 insane weapons of war

4) Cracked: Your mom lied: 5 common body myths debunked

3) Cracked: The 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you

2) The Mishmash: 15 T-shirts you’d hate to see on your daughter’s boyfriend (funny, but a little obscene in places)

1) The American Princess: A pic of John McCain staring at EM Zanotti’s chest.

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