The Top 20 Non-Cheesecake Links On Conservative Grapevine For March

From Conservative Grapevine,

20) Cracked: The 5 most ridiculously over-hyped health scares of all-time

19) Mary Katharine Ham: Video: A pretty blond shows you how DC’s gun laws make her shotgun useless if a burglar breaks into her house

18) Cracked: The 25 most disturbing sex toys (some objectionable content)

17) Rachel Lucas: “An extremely important cautionary tale about what happens when someone with an IQ of roughly 50 gets her hands on small shiny objects.”

16) Dr. Melissa Clouthier: My tight *ss and potty mouth

15) Cracked: 8 upcoming movie adaptations that must be stopped

14) Dlisted: The 20 gayest songs of all-time

13) WebMD: 7 pains you shouldn’t ignore

12) Topless Robot: The 10 most insane, child-warping moments of ’80s cartoons

11) Ann Coulter: Most people outside of New York can’t grasp the enormity of Spitzer’s political free fall.

10) Maxim: The 8 worst possible SkyMall impulse purchases

9) Weburbanist: Underwater urban archeology: 7 submerged wonders of the world (w/really cool pics)

8) Listropolis: 6 Disney secrets you’ll wish you never read

7) Electric Venom: Keep your panties on in Wal-Mart

6) Craigslist: To anyone who orders pizza – EVER

5) Maxim: The top 10 scariest celebrity faces

4) The Superficial: $4,000,000 on plastic surgery and this is the result (w/pics)

3) Maxim: TV’s top 10 nymphos

2) Caroline Glick: “The only bigotry I experienced was black bigotry against whites.”

1) Discover: 20 things you didn’t know about sex

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