The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links On Conservative Grapevine For January Of 2008

20) Fark: Photoshop theme: If cartoon characters were U.S. politicians

19) Cracked: The 15 most cringe-worthy James Bond puns

18) Darwin Awards: The winners of the 2007 Darwin Awards

17) Cracked: 5 movie martial artists that lost a deathmatch to dignity (this is hella funny)

16) ABC Action News: Britney Spears shocks shoppers with striptease

15) The Bastardly: Your favorite celebrities without makeup!

14) Cracked: 5 kick-*ss sci-fi apocalypses (That could actually happen)

13) Debbie Schlussel: This is what you get when your country gives up sovereignty: Meet Janet Devers, metric system “criminal”

12) Michelle Malkin: “The best part is someday you will die of anorexia or choke to death on your own purging. That’s my dream.”

11) The Tech Brief: Top 10 lives, businesses and reputations ruined due to Facebook

10) Pat Sajak: A solution to man-made global warming

9) The List Universe: The top 10 discontinued sodas

8) Victor Davis Hanson: What Bill Clinton has done.

7) The Corner: Everything you need to know about John McCain in one cartoon

6) The Daily Mail: This NASA photo of what looks remarkably like a female figure with her arm outstretched, was taken on Mars.

5) Rachel Lucas: Let me speak for all non-crazy women and tell you what’s wrong with this “10 things you should never say to a woman” article

4) Ann Coulter: My father passed away Friday morning…

3) Pajiba: The 10 worst films of 2007 (some bad language)

2) MSN Lifestyle: 10 things you should never say to a woman

1) The True Story: One of the coolest shark pics you’ve ever seen

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