The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Stories On Conservative Grapevine For May Of 2008

From Conservative Grapevine,

20) Buikhu: An awesome retouched photo of blogger Kit Lange (this is really cool)

19) Cassy Fiano: “We all know you’re jealous because she has bigger cha-cha’s and gets fame from it!!!!”

18) Best Week Ever: The top 10 most questionable stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

17) John Podhoretz: Obama campaign goes completely insane

16) Globe Magazine: Claim: Bill Clinton has ordered Hillary to ditch the beautiful campaign aide who dragged her into a lesbian love scandal

15) Cassy Fiano: This is what happens when you cheapen sex.

14) Daniel Flynn: The top ten skeletons in the Left’s closet

13) CBS: The 10 smartest and dumbest dog breeds

12) Cassy Fiano: I wanted to smack the girl who wrote this article about places where you shouldn’t take a woman on a date

11) Cracked: Four reasons why Carlos Mencia is a jackass

10) The Campaign Spot: Liberal rumor: I now have it from two three sources close to senior Republicans that they have video dynamite — Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at Jeremiah Wright’s church.”

9) John Stossel: The left is wrong

8) Mental Floss: Only the creepiest photos ever taken

7) WNBC: Classic beauties: Pics of how they look after they aged

6) Neatorama: 10 insulting words you should know

5) Cracked: The 6 most frequently quoted bullsh*t statistics

4) Alarming News: Christopher Hitchens: “…I can tell you that it spooks the Obama campaign.”

3) MSN Lifestyle: 18 things a grown man should never have

2) Cassy Fiano: “God, you’re a whale. ROFL. Hate to break it to you, hunny, but liberals don’t WANT to date you.” (W/ hot pic)

1) ThisisLondon: How sex slave dungeon daughter looks now… after 24 years locked in a cellar

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