The Top 25 American Athletes Of All-Time

The Top 25 American Athletes Of All-Time: The Bloggers Select The 20 Greatest Figures In American History article that I put up yesterday was such a blast that I’ve been considering doing some sequels. I thought about getting blogger opinions on the greatest American athletes, entertainers, songs, & movies of all time. I’m actually leaning towards doing the movies one later this week, but I have no time frame on the others — if I do them at all.

However, since I already prepared my list of the “Top 25 American Athletes Of All-Time,” I thought I’d go ahead and post them….

— Muhammad Ali
— Lance Armstrong
— Larry Bird
— Jim Brown
— Wilt Chamberlain
— Ty Cobb
— Babe Didrickson
— Julius Erving
— Kareem Abdul Jabar
— Magic Johnson
— Michael Jordan
— Carl Lewis
— Joe Louis
— Willie Mays
— Joe Montana
— Jack Nicklaus
— Jesse Owens
— Arnold Palmer
— Jerry Rice
— Jackie Robinson
— Babe Ruth
— Deon Sanders
— Lawrence Taylor
— Jim Thorpe
— Cy Young

***Update***: It turns out that Gordie Howe was a Canadian — I know, I know — a Canadian who plays hockey — who would have ever thought? So I’m going to yank him and add in Babe Didrickson. She was a great athlete in her day.

I noticed some people have asked about why I included Deon. In my opinion, he’s the best cornerback ever to play the game (even if he wasn’t a big hitter), he was an incredible kick returner, he played a little wide receiver and he was even able to make it to the big leagues in baseball. A lot of people don’t like his flashy personality, but he was just an incredible athlete who I think will grow in stature over time.

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