The Top 6 Attacks On Hillary At Last Night’s Debate

PS: Last night, I suffered through another hideous Democratic debate which featured 2 hours of socialists talking about how rotten everything is in this country, followed by each of them blaming every bad thing that’s happening on Bush — and then they all promised to fix each problem with either massive new spending, a huge increase in government power, or some combination thereof.

After the debate, I took a little tour around the National Review blogs and was absolutely amazed to find them saying that Hillary won the debate. In my opinion, she delivered the single worst performance of any top tier candidate, on either side, so far this year.

What happened time and time again throughout the debate was that Tim Russert would ask Hillary a question, she would parse her answer to lead you in a certain direction, but leave herself enough wiggle room to do a 180 on the subject if the polls change, and then Russert would call her on it.

After watching her performance, you couldn’t help but think back to Bill Clinton saying, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” during his grand jury testimony and think, “that’s exactly what she’d be like.” Maybe political junkies are impressed with her deceptive wording, but it’s hard to imagine any ordinary person, conservative, liberal, or moderate, watching Hillary’s performance last night and thinking, “That’s what I want in a President.”

So, huge, huge, loser: Hillary. The winner? I’m going to say Obama with Edwards and Richardson close behind, but I’m not sure that anyone came out of that debate looking better than they did going in.

PS #2: Here’s Hillary’s “all over the place” answer on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens,

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