The Top 8 Reasons Not To Support Condi Rice For President In 2008

Conservatives love Condi Rice. In fact, they love her so much that’s she’s annihilating everyone in Patrick Ruffini’s blogosphere straw poll. Heck, she’s such a popular choice that she’s actually beating the next 4 candidates COMBINED!

That’s unfortunate because at this point, Condi Rice appears to be a weak candidate who I think would have enormous difficulty beating Hillary Clinton in 2008. Consider the following points:

1) She’s a single, unmarried woman over 50 years old. That means the press will be able to successfully portray her as either a lesbian, a weirdo, or a lesbian weirdo. Americans will not vote for a lesbian President and they’re not too fond of weirdos either.

2) She’s had no success in bringing in the black vote to the Bush administration so far, so why does anyone think she’ll be able to do it if she runs? In all likelihood the Democratic smear machine would crank up, they’d portray her as David Duke in a skirt, and she would probably end up pulling just 3-4% more of the black vote than Bush did.

3) She has never run for office before.

4) She’s not particularly warm or charismatic.

5) She is so closely tied to Bush that the left-wing base would be energized by her in the same way that the GOP base would be energized by a Hillary candidacy. Only Jeb or Cheney would motivate the Democratic base more.

6) She’s pro-abortion.

7) She’s pro-Affirmative Action.

8) Most of her other domestic views are completely unknown. For example, what does Condi think about illegal immigration, the Terri Schiavo case, reparations, or a Balanced Budget Amendment? Nobody has the slightest idea. She could be to the left of Arlen Specter & Susan Collins as far we know.

Condi Rice has done a great job as Secretary of State and has shown that she can handle foreign policy. But, as a politician, she’s a novice who hasn’t proven that she could win a seat in a state legislature, much less capture the Presidency of the United States.

This post was inspired by the folks over at Lifelike Pundits who couldn’t understand why some people didn’t support Condi, despite her popularity.

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