The Top Ten Ways Bush Could Lose The Election By Frank J.

It’s not a shoe-in that Bush will be elected president once again, so I’d thought I’d list what could most likely throw off his campaign.


10. New double-butterfly ballot causes stupid voters to accidentally vote for who they meant to vote for.

9. For his T.V. spots, he hires the people who did those original Mentos commercials.

8. Is unable to prove that that prostitute was already dead before he got there.

7. Loses conservative base by increasing spending, raising taxes, and aborting every baby in sight.

6. Before the election, he fails to find WMD’s, Osama bin Laden, and pants.

5. Finally convinces everyone there are no similarities between him and Hitler just before Hitler has a huge popularity boost.

4. Alienates Catholic voters by murdering the pope.

3. It’s revealed he is an illegal immigrant and is deported to Mexico.

2. Loses his loveable dumb guy image by curing cancer.

1. Starts new space program; sends men to wrong moon.

If you enjoyed this satire by Frank J., you can read more of his work at IMAO.

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