The Two And A Half Party System: A Call To Libertarians By Mac Johnson

The Libertarian party is a party of principle. This fact is an enormous comfort to the party each election year when its candidates lose every major race. Being free from the burden of mattering, we can all be proud of the purity of our untested principles. OK, it is a little harsh to say that the Party does not matter. After all, occasionally one of its candidates may, in a tight race, siphon off just enough votes from the least abominable candidate to push the more abominable one over the top and on to Washington! Husah!

At some point though, even the purist must wonder just what it might be like to actually put a Libertarian into office and see our principles put into action and law. If you are among the select group for whom principle alone is wearing thin, then please take a moment to indulge me in an immodest proposal to overhaul the movement’s playbook just a little.

Traditionally, the Libertarian party has run its campaigns along the following model. A candidate is chosen. A primary is usually not necessary, since the Libertarian living in each district can run unopposed. The candidate is often young and eager to indulge in political debate between jobs or classes, or older and eager to engage in political discussion between jobs or teaching classes. Upon cleaning out his couch cushions, the candidate has a campaign budget and then files the necessary paperwork to appear on the ballot. This is the crux of the campaign strategy, too, since appearing on the ballot will not only allow people to vote for the candidate, but it is also to be the candidate’s big announcement of his campaign to most voters. “Huh! There’s three people running for this office. Who knew? And what the Hell is the Librarian Party, anyway?” Chunk! One more Republicrat vote is cast. (Cont)

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