The UN, Oil, & Iraq’s March Towards Freedom

What a wonderful day yesterday must have been for our friends in the anti-war movement!

First off, their beloved UN has now endorsed our efforts in Iraq 15-0! Huzzah for us! How did we ever get along with moral authority that has now been given to us by the backing of UN Security members like China, France, Russia, Germany, Chile, Benin, Angola, & Algeria?

But hey, they wanted UN approval, they wanted backing from the “international community,” well now they have it. Yip skiddelly do-dah!

There was also another development that should ease the minds of anti-war simpletons whose had trouble coming up with a reason to oppose the war that didn’t fit on a handy-dandy bumper sticker…

“Iraqi officials declared Tuesday that the interim government has assumed full control of the country’s oil industry ahead of the June 30 handover of sovereignty from the U.S.-led occupation administration.

“Today the most important natural resource has been returned to Iraqis to serve all Iraqis,” Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said. “I’m pleased to announce that full sovereignty and full control on oil industry has been handed over to the oil ministry today and to the new Iraqi government as of today.”

Where are your “No blood for oil!” signs now chumps?

I wrote not one, but two columns in the build-up to the war explaining why it wasn’t about oil. But, it didn’t do any good because people who form their opinions based on little more than emotion and feelings are almost impervious to logic.

Heck, who knows? Maybe this won’t faze them either. They’ll probably still be shouting “blood for oil” & “it’s another Vietnam” right up until the day the Iraqis have their elections and our forces have left the country. Then, it’ll be, “There’s no reason to give you Republicans credit for getting rid of Saddam and helping Iraq become a Democracy. We knew it would succeed all along. Everybody did!”.

Feel free to jump on the bandwagon now fellas. Go ahead and admit that we were right to get rid of Saddam and that we are going to succeed in helping them towards Democracy. It’ll just save you time down the road…

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