The Unintentionally Hillarious Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

Now this is an eye catching headline,

taterguy: Soccer is the most warlike, environmentally destructive sport around

The “sport” originated when a conquering army starting kicking around the head of a decapitated enemy.

The fields require constant maintenance. Even during times of water shortage they get watered constantly and the fields get mowed three times a week, by mowers powered with 2-stroke engines that spew out far more toxins in the atmosphere than the average car.

I don’t understand how anyone who thinks of them-self as progressive could possibly condone such a barbaric and Earth-killing enterprise.

What am I missing?

Yes, I read further in the thread and he’s really serious.

Let’s hope this atttitude catches on and then maybe conservatives and liberals will have one thing we can finally agree on: Soccer is lame!

PS: How lacking in testosterone do you have to be to consider a sport as dull as soccer to be “warlike” and “barbaric”?

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