The Wisdom Of The Daily Kos

As many of you know, the Daily Kos is the most popular political blog in the world. In fact, it’s so beloved by liberals that people like Jimmy Carter and John Kerry have even posted there. So, that’s why I think it’s a good idea for conservatives to look at the Daily Kos, so we can see the sort of political super geniuses we’re up against.

With that in mind, I’m going to post some excerpts from a Daily Kos diary by someone named Nathan Hammersmith. Mr. Hammersmith has a post up about Mark Warner, a man who will likely be a Democratic contender for the presidency in 2008. As you read Mr. Hammersmith’s nuanced and witty take on Mark Warner, I think it’ll give you a good look at the sort of hard hitting and incisive commentary that has made the Daily Kos the “go to blog” on the left.

From Mr. Hammersmith’s diary, which is titled “F*ck Mark Warner:”

“I just got the new Atlantic Monthly, and I’ve read the article on Mark Warner, and I tell you this – this is a b*stard rich-f*ck like the tides are green with algae, and blue with blue-blood f*ck-all.

This is a b*stard extremis. And sorry if I’m imploding Democratic dreams with this…but…truth-teller that I am, I must speak truth to Democratic power.”

…In a nutshell, Mark Warner is a recipient of maximum riches. Period. And I don’t trust those motherf*cks, less than I trust motherf*cks who are of a purely partisan persuasion.

…I’m sorry, but I don’t trust this motherf*ck. I sure don’t trust his riches. Hey, color me crazy, but…the rich should ALWAYS be held in the lowest of low regards; the rich should be shat upon, and with prejudice…

…F*ck Mark Warner. He’s another rich b*tch who’s never known the pain of ends not meeting. Another piece of sh*t who’s never contemplated the following: should I pay the rent, provide for my child, or pay the hospital bills from last month? Mark Warner is the PROBLEM, yo, and in a big motherf*cking way.”

Wow. No wonder liberals flock to the Daily Kos every day and chip in money to whatever sure-to-be-losing candidate Kos has decided to back today. With pearls of wisdom like “the rich should be shat upon, and with prejudice” being dispensed daily, how could they resist?

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