The World’s Most Depressingly Sexy Calender?

Gee, how would you feel every time you turned over a new month on this calender? Ooooh, she’s hot, but oh wait, depressing!

You better hurry because the last batch of Ron Paul pinup calendars is going quickly. Which pleases Juliet Annerino no end because she sank a sizable chunk of her own change into printing up hundreds of these calendars to help fund the campaign of her favorite politician.

You’ve already missed Miss January, Lisa Kelly, a lifelong Democrat and mother of two who never dreamed she’d be posing in a slip to help a 72-year-old, 10-term Republican congressman in his hopeless run for the White House. Actually, that’s her as Miss Liberty…

Far be it from me to discourage “nearly-naked hotties” from making political calenders. Actually, I think we could use a little more of that, but you know, Ron Paul is not only finished in the Presidential race, he’s struggling to hold on to his congressional seat in a primary battle against Chris Peden (You can contribute to Peden here). So, if you’re a Ron Paul fan who has this calender, each new month is just going to be another reminder that Ron Paul is not going to be President.

PS #1: It could be worse,

PS #2: The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute has a conservative calender out called Damsels in Success: A Calendar. It’s more a conservative woman’s role model calender than a cheesecake thing, but it has some hotties in there like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and my buddy Amanda Carpenter

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