There’ll always be a … what?

Wolf Howling makes a thorough argument that socialism, not “mere” liberalism, is at the root at the disintegration of law and order in Britain, which you have to read in full to appreciate. The conclusion:

This is all a case study in why the philosophy of Karl Marx should have been interred with his bones. Instead, it is alive and thriving – much like a malignant cancer – in Britain today. Either Britain will dispense with socialism or Britain will eventually crumble. I am an optimist and an anglophile, and thus my bet is on the former. But I am also a bit of a realist. Given the stranglehold of socialists on all the reigns of power in Britain, and in particular in academia and the news, the latter is a real possibility also.

There may always be “an England,” because it’s a big place and it’s hard to sink an island in the sea, and who would want to? But there may not always, necessarily, be England.

Were we wrong to think that’s a bad thing? I can’t quite bring myself around to that, though there are aspects of the enterprise that have far outlived their usefulness. But it’s hard to be optimistic about England’s future.

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