They Never Cease To Shock

John Hawkins sometimes quotes outrageous statements he finds posted at The Democratic Underground. Some of those quotes are pretty shocking, but since the posters are anonymous I sometimes wonder if they are all written by crazed liberals or if some are left by jokesters. I find that preferable to believing there are so many crazy people out there.

This blog post from Robert at Thorn Tree is on the front page, though, not hidden in the comments section or part of a message board. The post is in reaction to the news of a film depicting the assassination of George Bush, which I blogged at Wizbang yesterday.

Several comments to make on this:

First of all to all the lefty bloggers out there falling all over yourselves to say “Of course, I wouldn’t want the president killed”, shut the hell up. You know you would do a little dance if someone whacked that idiot. You just want to appear “above” such a thing.

Secondly, the only real problem I have is that he’s gunned down. Too quick. A flash of pain and then the big dirt nap. For Bush I would prefer bone cancer, flesh-eating bacteria, or perhaps one of those deadly four hour erections we keep hearing about.

Alright, seriously. I would prefer Bush spend the rest of his life in a cell, tried and convicted of war crimes, but somehow I just don’t think it’s going to happen. So I can only hope for him to suffer in some other way.

Sad that I’ve been reduced to wishing great physical agony and death to my fellow humans but I truly believe that he deserves to suffer. Many right bloggers refer to my kind of hatred as Bush Derangement Syndrome, but I prefer to call it a yearning for karmic justice. This president has overseen the most criminal, arrogantly stupid, and homicidal administration in American history. He, and his partners in crime, deserve whatever horrors that karma may have in store for them.

As for Bush’s cheerleaders on the Internet, such as the creepy Anchoress (who, by the way, is another right wing blogger that doesn’t allow comments because she’s such a coward) I can only hope that someone they care for deeply dies in one of Bush’s wars of choice.

That seems fair.

Been saving up lots of dark thoughts. Can you tell?

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