They Were Right To Tase Him, Bro.

Remember Andrew Meyer, the jackass who asked stupid questions at a John Kerry event, then disturbed the peace, and eventually got tased for resisting arrest? At the time, I said that, Andrew Meyer deserved to be tasered.

Well, it has taken a little while, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has confirmed that as per usual, I was spot-the-hell-on,

Andrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who was Tasered by campus police in September, may have staged the disturbance in an effort to disrupt a political forum at the Gainesville campus, a state police report concludes.

The report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, released Wednesday by the university, cleared UF police of wrongdoing in subduing Meyer, 21.

Meyer, of Weston, was subdued with a Taser after he resisted arrest during a speech by 2004 Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. John Kerry on Sept. 17.

Meyer, whose cry of ”Don’t Tase me bro’!” made him a cause célèbre on the Internet, declined to comment Wednesday. He has been charged with disrupting a public event and resisting arrest. The state attorney’s office has not yet decided whether to prosecute.

…FDLE said in its report that police use of the Taser was appropriate because Meyer refused police orders to leave the campus auditorium. Meyer clenched a chair to keep police from removing him.

The Taser was the safest way to remove him without harming Meyer or others, the report concluded.

…According to the report, during a Sept. 11 Gators for Rudy [Giuliani] rally, Meyer got into an argument with another student and told a friend that “if he liked what he had seen that he should go to the Kerry speech and he would really see a show.”

In addition, the report said that after his arrest, when Meyer was out of view of the cameras, he told officers that they did not do anything wrong and then asked “if cameras will be at the jail.”

My hope is that this report will encourage police and security to be more aggressive in dealing with the epidemic of liberal creeps disrupting events on campuses across America.

Hat tip to Sister Toldjah for pointing out this story.

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