They’re Coming To Take Me Away — Ha-Ha!

They’re Coming To Take Me Away — Ha-Ha!: I was perusing the Democratic Underground today and I ran across an interesting, although not necessarily out of character thread for DU. It seems that there are more than a few members of the DU who fear that the Bush administration is going to declare martial law, cancel the 2004 elections, and rule America with an iron fist forevermore! That would probably happen right after Bush grows a long handlebar mustache so he can twirl it evilly as he laughs like so…Muhuhahahahahahah! Here’s a sample…

bluestateguy: “What if there is another attack? If it is as bad or worse that 9/11 I am almost more afraid of the US government than the terrorist perpetrators. Will “Red Alert” be declared? Concentration Camps for Arabs and Muslims and other “troublemakers”? Curfews? Cancellation of the 2004 elections? Confiscation of all firearms? I really don’t know what I would do if it came to this, but I get more worried about it every day, especially when I see and hear the neo-fascist, jingoistic views being expressed by so many people.”

ComerPerro: “I fear this as well. It doesn’t seem likely, but who really knows. It all depends on what the ignorant masses are made to believe.”

RC: “What I think will happen is that if they do not win the 2004 election, they will cause an incident shortly after those elections, as an excuse for martial law. They have already hinted. One way or another they intend to keep their power. They know if they lose, there will be investigations up the kazu and they will be sent to jail.”

Pastiche423:…negative light” is not something the * administration gives a whit about. Where have you been for the past two and a half years? People are already disappearring or are being held in jail, w/o being charged. And some have just plain been killed. The * admiistration has done so many ubelievable things, I no longer am surprised. If it does look like * might not be able to steal another election, I truly believe martial law will be ordered. For the 1st time in my life, I want our citizenry to be armed to the teeth.”

dssenter: “I’m very concerned as well….and nfortunately, it IS going to happen prior to the 04 selections”… But then again…maybe not. Since they can rig the elections with the computerized voting machines…maybe they don’t need to go through all the trouble. But if it does happen…only the rest of the world will know what is really happening within the US. “Murikans” are so friggin naive they’ll actually believe that its a “good thing” to have martial law.”

deek: “I have feared this since he was selected and increasingly more so as the weeks have dragged by to the present. I have no doubt martial law will eventually be declared. It’s all in the plan, similar to Hitler’s playbook. How do we plan for this? Many of you are talking about arming yourselves. I’m not sure how that would play out. Explain, please, and talk about the other “plans” we could be making.”

These people have about the same sort of tenuous grasp on reality as the cultists Jim Jones talked into drinking poisoned Kool-Aid at Guyana — which is why we should lock them away in camps for their own protection — J/K with ya you DU kooks!

Psycologists need to come up with some sort of name for the disorder that these people have — you know, buying into bizarre delusions about their political opponents. Maybe Chomskyphrenia or Rallomania…

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