Things that make you go “hmmmm….”

Let’s see how this breaks out.

Foreign policy and national security are the forte of the executive. The Democrats have nominated a presidential candidate with no experience in either area. The Republicans have nominated a vice presidential candidate with no experience in either area.

Which makes more sense to you?

Under the topic of change, the Democrats nominate two US male Senators, one who is the consummate Washington insider and claim to be outsiders who are going to change Washington. The Republicans nominate a Senator with the reputation of a maverick and the Governor of Alaska with a similar rep who, btw, is female, to take on Washington.

Which sounds more like change to you?

On the subject of experience, the Democrats nominate a man who has been a community organizer, State Senator and -for 147 days – a US Senator to be President. The Republicans nominate as VP a woman who has run a town and run a state for a lot longer than Obama has been in the Senate.

In terms of “what have you done and what have you run” who has the edge?

If Palin can handle being thrust into the limelight as suddenly has she has, given her speech today, she is going to be fun and, I think, she could very well re-energize the right at a very critical time in the election cycle.

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