Think Charlie Rangel’s “Tax Reform” Plan Is Bad?

Last Thursday, I blogged about House Ways and Means Chair Charlie Rangel’s “tax reform” plan, which really does nothing but trade off one set of bad tax laws for another set.

But Rangel’s plan, as bad as it is, pales in comparison to the type of “tax reform” plan former Clinton Sec. of Labor Robert Reich would implement if he had his way. Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom has the details, and nails Reich’s – and the other Socialists who think like he does – motivations:

Certainly, this isn’t about fairness in the tax code. Reich, Rangel, et al have no interest in “fairness”. What this is about is property rights and who ultimately gets to control them. What we have here are not “liberals” but statists who cover their envy of others’ success with sanctimonious socialism. Reich believes that people have no right to own more than 50% of their earnings and they must pay yearly rental to the government of their property.

“Reich only wants to do this to ‘the rich'” you say? I don’t buy it. For one he disengenuously cites Eisenhower and JFK tax rates and skips Ronald Reagan. Facts about the tax code and tax rates of those eras and increased federal revenues as they changed and rates fell would belie his jealous hissy-fit. And that’s what this boils down to — envy, jealousy … the coveting of your neighbors success. It’s the excuse offered by the people who shoplift “hey, they’re rich, they won’t miss it and I wanted it.”

As Click noted in the title she wrote for her post, Reich’s ideas are just in time for Halloween. Indeed, there’s something about Halloween that seems inspire the far left to take their masks off. It happened last year, too.

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