This Is A Surprising Statistic:

This Is A Surprising Statistic: According to this Fox News article, percentage wise, more women turn out to be deadbeat moms than men turn out to be deadbeat dads…

“The percentage of “deadbeat” moms is actually higher than that of dads who won’t pay, even though mothers are more consistently awarded custody of children by the courts.

Census figures show only 57 percent of moms required to pay child support — 385,000 women out of a total of 674,000 — give up some or all of the money they owe. That leaves some 289,000 “deadbeat” mothers out there, a fact that has barely been reported in the media.

That compares with 68 percent of dads who pay up, according to the figures”.

…But men also still pay much more in child support. The Census Bureau last month also released numbers showing fathers paid an average of $3,000 to custodial moms in 1997. Women paid little over half that. Moms also get about 60 percent of what they are owed, whereas dads only get 48 percent.”

According to the stats in this article there are roughly 9.3 women getting child support for every man who does which gives you a pretty good idea of how incredibly biased the family court system is against men…

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