This Is Not A Woman Who Looks “Awful.”

Over at Hollywood Tuna, one of the gossip blogs I regularly read for Conservative Grapevine each day, they had a new Britney Spears bikini spread up (here’s a representative pic)…

Now, here’s an excerpt from the commentary that went up with the spread,

Here’s Britney Spears showing off her beach body in a bikini in Costa Rica. For a mother of two, I had to admit Britney looks… awful. OK, I know she had two kids and I should cut her some slack, but the kids aren’t mine so I don’t care. Girl needs to cover up.

Setting aside whatever feelings people have about Britney Spears, does she really look “awful?” In all seriousness, does she look like such a hideous cow that she needs to “cover up?”

This is not a defense of Britney Spears per se, because I’m not a fan, but I’m sick of hearing female friends of mine who aren’t anorexic, some of whom my readers have drooled over in the comments section when their pics were up on RWN, telling me how fat they are because they’ve read too much of this distorted commentary about women’s looks on the net.

Here’s the honest-to-God truth: Britney Spears isn’t fat in that photo and 95% of the guys who’re reading this would not be able to take their eyes off of a woman from their office if they saw her looking like that in a bikini on the beach.

Maybe that seems so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be said, but sadly, I can assure you that it does.

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