This Is The Last, Best Chance For The Open Borders Crowd To Get An Amnesty Bill Through

Lefty blogger Ezra Klein has been calling around to his contacts in the Senate and they’re telling him that this is the last, best chance for an amnesty bill to pass,

“THE STATE OF PLAY ON IMMIGRATION. Spent some time Picking Up The Damn Phone this afternoon, and got a much better sense of the political path the immigration bill still has to traverse.

…Current thinking is that Bush will sign just about anything that emerges from the process, be it far to the left, or, as with the Sensenbrenner bill he approved last year, far to the right. He needs the accomplishment.

One last thing: The folks I talked to believe this is the year. Two years from now isn’t an option. The particular political circumstances we’re in are nearly unique: Bush has nothing left to lose but his involvement still provides cover for Republicans, Democrats can get an immigration bill without full ownership over it, the space is open for the subject because the President won’t allow action on other liberal priorities and the Congress won’t countenance any conservative agenda items, and so on. You have the RNC defending a bill that, were it offered under a Democratic president, they’d be tearing apart. Meanwhile, this just won’t be a priority for the next president: President Democrat will want to do health care, not amnesty, and President Republican will want to get reelected someday. So this is the shot. “

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This is why conservatives have to pull out all the stops to kill this bill. If it dies a painful death in the Senate, it’ll be too controversial to take back up next year. But, in the meantime, we’re going to be building the wall, adding more border patrol agents, and deporting more illegals — so the security situation will improve.

Then, in 2009, after the bill has been stopped twice from the right, whether a Democrat or Republican is President, they will have to move it significantly to the right to get anything passed.

That’s why if, in your entire life, you only contact your senators one time, this is the issue to do it over. These Republican idiots in the Senate are getting ready to sign on to a deal that will severely degrade and damage our country and, as an added bonus, will cripple the Republican Party in 2008, and destroy it long-term.

So, pick up the phone, write an email, send a fax — make your voice heard. These chumps work for you, not vice versa. Call them and make sure that they understand that you want this bill to be dead as a doorknob.

#1) Pick up the phone and call your home state senators. You can get the numbers and/or email addresses of your home state senators here.

#2) Call the National Republican Senatorial Committee at (202) 675-6000 and let them know that you will not support the reelection of any senator in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate.

#3) Call the Republican National Committee at (202) 863-8500 (option 1) and let them know you will not support any candidate in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate.

#4) Call, email, or fax Mitch McConnell’s office at (202) 224-2541 and tell them that you expect him to resign as Senate Minority Leader if this bill passes.

#5) Call, email, or fax Trent Lott’s office at (202) 224-6253 and tell them that you expect him to resign as Minority Whip if this bill passes.

Again, if you don’t want to call them, email them or fax them. But also remember to be POLITE, but firm.

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