Thompson For Vice President?

Jay from Stop the ACLU had an interesting thought the other day, that perhaps McCain would select Thompson to be his running mate:

I ask the question because it isn’t out of the question. They are good friends with a history. It would be a smart move on the Maverick’s part to stilt up his lacking on conservative credentials. Could Thompson serve as the conservative concience? The ideological gravitas? Even…power behind the throne? How would the conservative base/blogosphere react?

But seriously…it is a possibility. Would it alter any factor on you pulling the lever for McCain?

To answer that question, it would be about the only reason I would vote for McCain this election. How probable do I think it is that he will select Thompson? I think virtually nil. He and Thompson are obviously friends, as evidenced by Fred’s reluctance to go on the offensive against him during the campaign, but I don’t think Thompson would be caught dead on the same ticket as McCain. That’s just my personal impression, though. I just don’t see Fred settling for being second banana.

Besides, I honestly think McCain is going to select Huckabee. He did better than Fred in the primaries, he was/is obviously campaigning for the job, and he’d be a better running mate for McCain (they are more ideologically compatible). If he doesn’t select Huckabee, then the next obvious choice is Rudy Giuliani (doubtful, but possible).

McCain might be looking to placate conservatives, but I highly doubt that he’s going to go so far as to select a running mate like Thompson.

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