Thought Of The Day: Joe Biden — Barack’s Foreign Policy Mentor Is A Foreign Policy Disaster

Joe Biden’s biggest selling point is supposed to be his foreign policy “expertise.” However, Barack’s biggest claim-to-fame on foreign policy is that he voted against the war in Iraq, while Biden voted for it. On the other hand, McCain constantly refers back to the fact that he was for the surge, which has worked so well that it may have won the war for us. Biden was against the surge.

In other words, Barack’s foreign policy “expert” blew what both the Democratic and Republican Party nominees see as the pivotal foreign policy events of the last few years.

Worse yet, Biden’s big political idea, splitting Iraq into ethic enclaves, gathered no steam on the Left, no steam on the Right, and was hated by the Iraqis themselves. In other words, on the biggest foreign policy issue of the last 5 years, in every way, the words “epic fail” might as well have been tattooed on Joe Biden’s forehead.

PS: Nothing says “mediocre political hack who lets the polls decide where he votes on the war” quite like, “he voted for the war, turned on it when it got unpopular, and then opposed the surge that turned the war around.”

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