Thought Of The Day: “That’s Racist” Is Becoming Irrelevant.

One happy side effect of the Obama campaign is that it’s going to destroy the effectiveness of the Left’s “That’s racist” attack forever. As the phrase is used more and more, in increasingly ridiculous ways, people are becoming numb to it — and if people are indifferent to being called racist, because it’s so overused, it has no power.

Yes, there may be rare times when “That’s racist” is genuinely called for, but America isn’t a racist society, white people are as likely to be held back by racism as blacks these days, and the old Democratic KKK style bigots (other than Robert Byrd) are almost universally considered to be fringe loonies.

So, it’s about time we got to this point.

PS: Next step, killing Affirmative Action, which is racist, un-American, and should be unconstitutional — once and for all.

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