Thought Of The Day: The Wright Affair Proves Obama Isn’t Fit To Be President

Even after spending 20 years being friends with Jeremiah Wright and listening to his sermons, Barack Obama assured people that he didn’t know about his extreme views and that people were taking Wright’s comments out of context. Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else in America pegged Wright as a racist, anti-American demagogue.

Well now, Wright has come out publicly and affirmed pretty much the worst things that people thought about him. He’s anti-white, he’s anti-American, and he’s a kook.

So, Obama’s press conference aside, then either…

#1) Obama is so dim-witted and such a terrible judge of character that he actually meant what he said and just didn’t understand how bad Wright was. If that’s true, then he really just doesn’t have the people skills to be the President of the United States.

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#2) Obama has known what Wright was all about for the last 20 years, at worst agreed with it and at best wasn’t bothered by it, and simply lied because he knew the American people wouldn’t support an unpatriotic, racialist candidate who despises white people.

Whatever the answer is, it means that Obama isn’t fit to be President of the United States.

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